5 Reasons a Granite Marble Countertop Is Right for You

There are various reasons why you should consider marble for your kitchen countertops. According to JLC Online, about 62% of millennial homebuyers prefer natural stone countertops. Marble can provide the look and feel of natural stones. Here are five other reasons why you should consider marble.

1. Reshaping Capabilities

Marble is quite soft. This makes it quite easy to cut it into a variety of edge profiles. One of the most popular premium edges is the waterfall edge. It’s cut with three cascading convex arches. This is perfect for adding style and texture to your countertops.

2. Luxurious Appearance

One of the reasons why you should consider marble is its luxurious appearance. It has an unassuming whiteness that brings unmatched beauty to any setting. It’s important to select a pattern or shade that matches the overall design of your kitchen. If you’re not sure which marble option to go with, a kitchen designer can help you out.

3. High Durability

While marble does require a bit more maintenance, it’s very durable. This material has been a top-choice building material for centuries. In fact, some of the oldest landmarks are built with marble due to its beauty and durability, such as the Taj Mahal, according to History.com. However, to get the best out of your marble countertops, you should keep up with the maintenance requirements.

4. Dazzling Brightness

Marble has a natural glow to it. This makes it a perfect option if you’re looking to reflect light in your kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller side and you don’t have as much lighting as you would want, marble is a great option. It’ll make your room seem brighter and bigger.

5. Exceptional Heat Resistance

Many homeowners favor a granite marble countertop because it stays cool. If you install marble in your kitchen, it won’t catch fire or burn. However, this doesn’t mean that you should intentionally place hot objects on it. In fact, if you want to preserve the finish, you should avoid placing hot pans and pots on your countertops. If you need to place something hot down, it’s a great idea to use some heat mats.

These are the five key advantages of marble countertops. Are you looking for the best marble countertops for your kitchen? You should perform thorough research into granite marble countertop options. You can also get the best results by working with a professional. Contact The Stone Gallery by GMD today. We’d love to work with you.

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